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Approaching the Mid Autumn Festival, when the golden period of decoration is still going on, more and more owners intend to choose decoration at this time. These two days, the editor of Wuhan home decoration network has also received messages from many friends asking about the quotation of house decoration in their own home. Mr. Yu of Shengshi Jiangcheng is the same. What is the quotation for the decoration of Shengshi Jiangcheng A2 apartment of 93 square meters? To this end, Xiaobian found the budget quotation of the same house type. Let's have a look

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[Shengshi Jiangcheng A2 house type 93m2 housing information]

structure: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: Modern and simple

mode: half package; (now sign up for the Group decoration activity of Shengshi Jiangcheng community for free, and immediately enjoy the cash back worth 3000 yuan)

[Shengshi Jiangcheng A2 apartment type 93 square meters apartment type analysis]

as the defining line of medium-sized apartment type, 93 square meters of houses are also common. From the apartment type map, there is a bathroom on the right hand side of the door. This pattern needs to be adjusted, because in Feng Shui, the bathroom is opposite the door or bedroom, and the implication is very bad

[quotation for decoration of 93 square meters of Shengshi Jiangcheng A2 apartment]

quotation analysis: Although the area is 93 square meters, there are not so many in terms of the actual internal building area. The owner chooses the medium-sized quotation. Based on more than 500 square meters, this quotation should be considered as a high sex price ratio. Like many quotations, the guest restaurant and hydropower project have always been the most concerned parts. Regardless of the construction technology, product brand and personalized design, the requirements are relatively strict, so the cost will be slightly higher. (click to view: decoration effect drawing of guest restaurant)

today's analysis is here. I hope the above quotation information can give you a powerful reference. In addition, we are preparing for home decoration. Xiaobian suggested that we might as well come to Wuhan home decoration network to publish Wuhan Decoration bidding. It's easy to get it done. Because there are a lot of decoration information, ranking information of authoritative Wuhan decoration companies to share in time, and more than 60 Wuhan decoration companies to provide free home decoration consulting, more than three companies to measure rooms and design schemes for free, whichever you choose. [click now release]

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