60000 couples decorate the tender green nest space

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89 square meters, two rooms and one living room, with green as the main color, create an environment-friendly home, and add white decorations to make the space look more warm

simple style of small house decoration 80 square meters decoration

[decoration owner]: environmental protection expert

[decoration style]: simple

[room type]: two rooms and one living room

[decoration budget]: 60000

[construction area]: 89 square meters

[decoration keyword]: room type two rooms and one living room, decoration budget 60000, simple style, construction area of 89 square meters, apartment room type

owner's self statement: my home has been decorated for a long time, and I have been on the decoration information before. Now I occasionally turn out the decoration photos of that year, and I feel a little nostalgic. This decoration is completely different. This decoration is very atmospheric and simple style, and leisure, nature and comfort are the goals of the main decoration; The classic color matching of white and green is mainly used at home. Green makes the space more warm and comfortable, and creates the most environmentally friendly and happy family. Let's take a look at our home

the modern style dominated by warm colors, without losing the combination of luxury and low-key, makes people feel bright in front of them. The long view and close view of the photos of the living room

at the corner of the restaurant is the living room, which looks very comfortable and warm. The colors on the wall are unified green, creating an environmentally friendly family

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many people ask what to pay attention to when moving, how to choose the auspicious day, whether they can check some old almanac or other books that can check the auspicious and ominous days by themselves, and choose some auspicious days on it. In fact, it is not so simple. There are certain reasons for these above, but if you choose the auspicious day of moving based on these alone, it is not enough, Because this is only a unilateral choice of auspicious day, not based on the fatalistic information or zodiac and other information. If there is a slight error, maybe you choose a bad day, and the gains outweigh the losses, so you can't ignore the importance of choosing a auspicious day to move. This is also a more important step. Then how can you achieve the effect of prosperity of both Ding and Cai after moving, In addition to the need to move with the owner's birthday, eight characters, likes and dislikes, signs and other information to choose auspicious days, we also need to pay attention to the following aspects

when moving to a new home, you must pay attention to the layout of these four places, namely the living room, bedroom, kitchen, study. The precautions of these places also need to be known when you move. Other furniture, etc. are moved into the room. Generally, after the Feng Shui layout is set, don't change it often, and other clothes and other supplies can be sorted out slowly later. Today, Professor Pan introduces the four problems that should be paid attention to when moving

the characters represented by each area of the home and their fortunes:

living room

the living room can affect the wealth, career and other aspects of the male owner at home, so the decoration of the living room, so if you want to place sofas or seats in the living room, you must choose the auspicious position at home according to the information of the male owner, which is very helpful to strengthen the business fortunes of the male owner. There is another point, If the male host can't sit still at home and always wants to go outside, it is also related to this


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